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Item #:   C0C
Price:   $13.50

Title:   Speed
Artist:   J. D. J.
Media Type:   Digital Print
Size:   19 inches x 13 inches ( 48.3 cm x 33 cm)

This Photograph was taken shortly after the photograph of 85, at approximately the same location.   This idea took several attempts before something visual was even possible, and in the end a little cheating was done.   In order to get a clear night time shot of the Highway, the photographer needed use a slow shutter speed.   But the motorcycle (being a moving vehicle) becomes blurry with a slow shutter, and multiple film exposures would require precise environmental conditions.   In the end, this project would be too expensive to do in real time, so the logical alternative was a computer composite.   Basically, the shot required two images, the over exposed highway and the isolated motorcycle.   The streaming Highway gives you the feeling that you are soaring behind this agile vehicle.   As you blaze your way forward, you are not even able to see the other vehicles passing by on each side.   One can almost feel their heart pounding faster to keep up with the world, and even time, as it melts around the rider.
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