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Legal Information

About Us
In 1994, Johnson Company released it's first poster of model Cedric Johnson.   This led to a major boost in his modeling career.   We are based in Monterey, California and feature local Artists.   The artist's information link is located under the individual posters.   (Just select the poster category that interests you, then the artist's name.)

About the Posters
All posters are printed with the highest quality possible.   Actual resolutions and sizes may vary, and are determined by the resolution of the original art.   For more specific information about the media, click here or click on the "Media Type" text in the poster's description.   You can participate in the production of our next poster by clicking here or by clicking the NEW button to the left.

About the Shipping
The basic shipping cost (a purchase less than $20) is $4 for posters shipped using First Class Mail.   Other prices include USPS Parcel Post for $7, FedEx Ground for $16, UPS Ground for $17, and UPS Standard to Canada for $20.   (NOTE: Final shipping prices are determined by the total order value.)   In an attempt to speed up the process we have included both a blank and web-enabled order form, which you can get to by pressing the Purchase button on the left part of this page.   If you use the blank form, just print it out, fill in the blanks, and mail it with the payment to the address on the top of that form.   If you use the faster web-enabled form, just print it out and mail it with the payment.   This form has all the necessary information for the shipping of your order.   (The above information refers primarily to shipping addresses in the USA.)

About Privacy
All the information you provide will be used exclusively for your purchases.   We do not sell your information or use it for marketing.   In fact the only time your information will ever leave this site is for shipping or for the credit card purchases handled by PayPal.   (See PayPal's privacy page linked from for more information on their policies.)   All information collected in the "Vote" section of this website is recorded anonymously and is used as a general opinion poll.

About the Warranty
We will replace posters damaged in shipping or posters that are defective.   This does not cover posters damaged by the customer.   Damaged posters must be returned for replacement, unless otherwise arranged.   Please use the Feedback button to your left for arrangements.

About the Sales Tax
We pay the sales tax for you.   The price you see is the price you pay.   There is no need to over think or estimate the total.   And to make it even better, the numbers are easy to add!

About the Copyright
We reserve all rights to this website, its contents, and the images displayed on it.   All the artists reserve the rights to their original work and the posters/ prints sold to the customers.   No part of this website, its contents, or associated images may be reproduced, stored for distribution, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopied, recorded, or otherwise, without our prior consent.   We thank you in advance for honoring our rights.

Note:   You can Click the remaining 3 link buttons, on the left, at any time to go to those pages.   Click the "Johnson Co. Posters" banner to return to the home page.

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