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About the Artist:   J. D. J.

J. D. J. was the original photographer for the Cedric Johnson poster, and worked as an assistant photographer from 1992 to 1996.   Some of his earliest photographs date back to the 80's, where he was able to experiment with various photographic conditions.   (Actually, some of our posters were test shots, where he tried to add and exaggerate environmental conditions to the advantage of the subject.)   Most of his posters came from photographs taken after 1994, but one of our current posters is an original painting created in 1994.   It was intended to be the first of a series of painting done with a popular orchid flower as the subject.   From his posters, one can see that he prefers colors, especially basic one.   All his photographs are taken with color film, but as you can see from the portrait posters, he does not always keep them that way.  
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