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About the Artist:   Elizabeth Mosqueda

Elizabeth has been using photography as her media of choice for over 5 years.   Her experience includes classes at a local community college and as an assistant photographer for various weddings and Rodeo events.   As an artist, she chose photography because, "It is a great challenge to try to make things come out on film like you saw them in real life."   This desire for a challenge easily explains why she prefers to capture natural scenes.   Which, as many photographers know, takes patience and a good eye.   Although she is not well know, you can see the potential in her photos, like Dewdrops and Bubbles.   But don't let all this "nature" deceive you, her artistic influences are just as religiously based as they are natural.   In fact she said that, "I just love how it seems as though God has carefully placed each dewdrop in their own individual perfect resting places by hand--'one by one'."
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