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Eric Merriman

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Eric Merriman is a photographer with a long photographic history, but he says he still gets a great deal of joy from his work.   Around 1996, he started taking a serious interest in his photography, improving his "eye" for composition and mood.   Soon after that, computer based VR (Virtual Reality) and panoramic photography was added to his list of skills, and became a part of every family vacation.   By 1999, he had converted to digital cameras, allowing him to use his multimedia background to create his unique presentation style.   His seamless panoramic "Bellagio 180" is a perfect example of this blend of art and technology.   Unlike the traditional panoramic photo, this precise 180 degree picture was created by fusing smaller angle shots together.   This technique gives him a higher resolution margin, less uncontrollable background noise, and a virtually deserted view.   All of which gives the observer a personal (just for you) feeling.
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