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About the Artist:   Raquel U. Larissa

Raquel U. Larissa is an anime artist who loves to draw.   Like many anime artists, she has been seriously drawing since she was a toddler.   Her artistic goal is to truly communicate to the public with the use of various media including posters, scrollwork, stationary, and merchandising.   Although she has experience with computer-aided media, Raquel prefers a hands-on combination of pencils and pastels.   Hana-Secret is a perfect example of this, with its soft dream-like colors seamlessly blending into each other, while the pencil lines define the image and focus.   The anime influence is obvious through her use of color shading which gives this two dimensional art a three dimensional feel.   So, of course, her ultimate goal is to have her own japanimation and manga series.   But what you would not expect is that Raquel believes art can knock down cultural boundaries; moreover, she hopes her art will demonstrate that beauty exists in many different forms and can appeal to us all.  
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